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News Journalism: Bo Porter “Not a Big Fan” of Scoreboards

Porter On Screen Graphic

CLEVELAND – Scoreboards all over the American League this season have been unkind to Houston manager Bo Porter, having now indicated at the conclusion part of more than two-thirds of his Astros’ games that his club has produced fewer runs than that respective day’s opponent.

“I think it’d be fair to say I’m not their biggest fan,” Porter said of the physical device in every the stadium that depicts the number of baseball runs each team has recorded. “Electronic, manually operated: doesn’t make a difference, really. Now, am I saying they’re biased against us? I’m not going there, no. But it’s curious, is what I’m saying. Pretty damn curious.”

As the image above indicates — of Porter eyeing suspiciously the FOX Sports Ohio on-screen scoreboard graphic during Sunday’s game against Cleveland — it’s possible that Porter’s concerns with run-scoring and the recording for posterity of same have escalated, possibly to the point of paranoia.

“I’m in the dugout, fourth inning, doing my job as the manager of a major-league baseball team. Then I look to my right, and here’s this damn score bug in my face. And, yeah, it says HOU is beating CLE by a run. In the fourth inning, is also what it says. Not the ninth inning, is the point I’m getting. To me, that’s a taunt.”

Reminded that, in the reality with which everyone is generally familiar, that he wouldn’t actually be able to interact with the graphics of a regional telecast, Bo Porter continued unabated. “My question is, where’s the league on this? That’s a serious distraction to have floating numbers on a baseball field. There’s got to be some oversight.”