Next Quiz: Delmon Young or Other Type of Young?

Neil Young

In the not very distant past (i.e. 45 minutes ago) my colleague David Temple challenged the readership to answer certain questions about Delwyn and Delmon Young — and to establish the differences lying therein.

While Temple was mainly concerned (like Isaiah Berlin’s proverbial hedgehog) with depth — that is, many qualities between just two Youngs, Delmon and Delwyn — here we concern ourselves (like the fox) with width, and the breadth (or, four, which is two more) of Youngdom that Western Civilization has produced.

To wit:

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6 Responses to “Next Quiz: Delmon Young or Other Type of Young?”

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  1. Greg W says:

    Stupid technology… but why waste a broken idea when the pageviews will come to you anyway?

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  2. MikeS says:

    My, my, hey hey,
    I did better when the quiz was done this way.

    Hey, hey, my, my,
    Delmon Young won’t let a pitch go by.

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  3. Matt says:

    If we’re talking about the width of Youngs, then why isn’t Dmitri in there?

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    • Illinois glass M. Michael Sheets says:

      Wouldn’t that just be adding depth to the Young/American Athelte category rather than width to the Young category?

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      • Toasty says:

        If anything, more baseballing Youngs should have been added to Temple’s Quiz. Perhaps Michael Young as well, unless we’re sticking with the “First names beginning with ‘D'” aesthetic.

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