The Next Yoenis Cespedes: Writer David Wiers

Few could forget the sensational YouTube video that launched the career of Yoenis Cespedes. The Oakland Athletics outfielder has since gone on to become the greatest outfielder in the MLB, leading the league in homers through the first 4 games of the season. Because most MLB scouts get their news first from YouTube, it will come as little surprise that the next Yoenis Cespedes is making a similar entrĂ nce.

The following video features FanGraphs (RotoGraphs) writer David Wiers, approximately an impress seven hands tall, at first whiffing on 50 mph high, sizzling heat, and then utilizing some classic Oakland Athletics plate patience (i.e. asking his friend to aim the pitching machine lower) to get the pitcher exactly where he wanted him. Wiers then summons the totem spirit: elephant via his Daric Barton shirsey, and he starts cracking some scalding weak dribblers — presumably through the drawn-in infield for some triples and hustle-doubles.

Situational hitting!:

And in the follow-up film, we see Wiers exercise not only his statistical prowess — when he engages in a shrewd wager with an athletic Caucasian possibly twice his size — but also his endearing, down-to-earth personality as he engages the cameraman with light talk and a winning smile.

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This is great. Although it depresses me that my city of 140,000 people doesn’t have a good batting cage anywhere :(

David Wiers

How good a batting cage depends on the talent of the hitter. That being said (and untrue), I’ve never been to a batting cage where I can even make decent contact. They’ve all been awful cages and machines. Obviously it is the equipments fault and mine.