Nickname Needs Recycling


I came across this passage while reading the book The Fix is In.

We’ve created nicknames for players. We’ve created nicknames for former players. But every now and then, a previously-used nickname needs to be reapplied. “Whiskey Face” is one such nickname.

So, fair NotGraphs readers, spout off in the comments as to which baseballing person– former or current — is most deserving of this nickname of nicknames.

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21 Responses to “Nickname Needs Recycling”

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  1. SteveBarnett says:

    Josh Hamilton if we feel like going easy on him.

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  2. Rico says:

    Dale Thayer

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  3. Cole says:

    Jeff Karstens

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  4. RC says:

    While no longer a player, I feel like Jim Leyland should take this in a landslide.

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  5. Oh, Beepy. says:

    Years of drinking Whiskey should leave one with a grizzled face of grizzly gristle, one with the inimitable texture of a catchers mitt run over by the world’s eighteen-wheelers.

    In other words, its only Jim Leyland.

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  6. Guy says:

    Rod Beck

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  7. DoubleJ says:

    Don Zimmer

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  8. pickle cars says:

    urban dictionary defines this a bit differently than other commentators…the look you get after consuming a gulp of whiskey. perhaps some rouged cheeks as well.

    charlie manuel?

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  9. Double J says:

    Jim Leyritz? Too Soon?

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  10. Chris Webber says:

    Jack Morris

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  11. Bill says:

    I posit that the recipient of such a nickname ought to be a figure of significance.

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  12. JEB says:

    Whiskey Face Latos

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  13. Adam says:

    This is the perfect name for our curling team.

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  14. 2013 Portland Beavers says:

    Bartolo Colon

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