Nickname Seeks Former Player: Vote on “Actual, Literal Brick Sh*thouse”

The nomination process, which involved sturdy building materials, sinew and poo, is complete. Now you may select from the 10 names that follow. The desperate question before us: Who, because he he could punch out a Sequoia, should be nicknamed “Actual, Literal Brick Shithouse”?

Thank you for exercising the franchise.

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18 Responses to “Nickname Seeks Former Player: Vote on “Actual, Literal Brick Sh*thouse””

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  1. Alex says:

    Kruk can’t win! Dude’s not even 6 foot!

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  2. Clark D says:

    I cant believe Elijah Dukes didnt even make the cut!

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  3. SAmmy says:

    Its turned into a battle of Shit v. Brick.

    i’m going to shit a brick.

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  4. Micah Stupak says:

    John Kruk is a great choice…but I can’t help but think there’s a better nickname out there that awaits him.

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  5. deadhead says:

    Please, join me in my write in campaign.

    Ron Kittle’s Mom deserves this honor bestowed upon her. Write in Ron Kittle’s Mom.

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  6. Dayn Perry says:

    Fucking Kruk. I knew I shouldn’t have included him in the poll.

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  7. Marcus Giles says:

    Brian Giless, its what I often call him. He wants to win via write-in.

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  8. Brett W says:

    Greg Luzinski, both for physical frame and to honor the effects of too much Bull’s Barbecue on the lower intestines.

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  9. Jason A says:

    Dave Kingman anyone? Had the build and the shitty attitude to match.

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  10. Valen Dreth says:

    I think Kruk is more shithouse than all the other candidates combined

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