Nickname Seeks Player: Vote on “Livan Hernandez”

Once again, we were so flooded with nominations that the Executive Royal Council of Elder Governors Men was forced to make some difficult decisions.

Now, Whigs and Bull Mooses, it is time to vote. Which player should be nicknamed “Liván Hernández”? Make with the democracy below …

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14 Responses to “Nickname Seeks Player: Vote on “Livan Hernandez””

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  1. David says:

    I would say RA Dickey but I think he throws harder than Livan Hernandez.

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  2. steex says:

    I can think of no better way to honor Mr. Stairs.

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  3. Gringo says:

    not funny

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  4. hawkinscm says:

    I’ll assume Bruce Chen was included in this poll accidentally. Livan Hernandez and the rest of this lot don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence. Sorry Bruce.

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  5. GTwill says:

    I think the voting is too fractured. I propose two rounds. In round one narrow it to five choices and then pick the winner in the second round.

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    • Yirmiyahu says:

      It’s interesting that 2/3rds of people think that there’s someone who is more like Livan Hernandez than Mr. Livan Hernandez himself.

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    • glassSheets says:

      This is an excellent suggestion. It could also be pool style, where there are four pools, and then the four pool winners get a vote off. Dayn could make executive decisions to seed them. I’d vote for a Matt Stairs, Arthur Rhodes, Livan Hernandez, and Will Mo divisions for the polls.

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  6. nextyeardc says:

    The next nickname should be Cash Considerations

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  7. David says:

    I would have said Matt Stairs, but he already has a world class nickname:
    “The Wonder Hamster”

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