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NNSFP: Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny

Quit Gawking and Vote!

Photo Courtesy of Rob Neyer

Nickname Seeks Former Player: Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny

Full Disclosure: I’m really writing one of these because there hasn’t been one in a while, and I miss them. I realize that this is Dayn Perry’s shtick, and repurposing it may very well warrant me a soup bone to the jaw, but nevertheless, I’m going to give it a shot.

The inspiration for this nickname comes from Internet baseball writer/nerdfather Rob Neyer, and one of his recent tweets. This Mr. Walker was quite a person of history, having conquered Mexico, Nicaragua, and Honduras in a mere 46-year span. His death was most likely bloody, which gives him both life-style and lifestyle points. But that nickname. That nickname can be better used.

We should – nay, MUST – find a former player that best fits this name. Remember, this exercise requires said player not to be former in the sense that he formally was alive, just formally a baseballer.

In the spirit of Mr. Walker, this player should also be grey-/steely-eyed (eyes made of actual musket balls do qualify), and have fulfilled or at least possessed a destiny. Bonus points to any player who waltzed into a foreign country and usurped its regime. This man must be a grizzled, grizzly, gizzard-eater. His victories in war might possibly outweigh his victories in WAR. This must be a man of the people, in that he most likely killed, and certainly was murdered by, people. Patriot? Perhaps.  Patronizing? Probably. People Person? PFFT!

Sound off, fair NotGraphs readers. Which former player deserves the moniker of “Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny”? You nominations will be considered, with the top candidates meeting in a showdown next week.