No MRI Can Hold Jonathan Broxton

Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton, who is substantially larger than Liechtenstein, is injured and is in need of an MRI. And thus our adventure begins:

Mattingly said one of the immediate issues was to find an MRI tube large enough for Broxton to get his 300-pound frame into.

This is about the only drawback to not having an NFL team in your town that I can think of: no medical equipment suitable for ogre-whoppers. Just to clarify, Mr. Broxton is not an ogre-whopper — he is a gentle giant — but NFL players are all ogre-whoppers.

European double-kiss: Aaron

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5 Responses to “No MRI Can Hold Jonathan Broxton”

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  1. Seitz says:

    Whaddya mean, no NFL team? What the hell do you call U$C?

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    • Seitz says:

      That would make more sense if I said “professional” rather than “NFL”.

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      • Dayn Perry says:

        You know, as long as the conferences no longer have such strong regional alliances, USC and tOSU should drop the charade and join the SEC. They’d be much more at home there.

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        • Brian Spieles says:

          I imagine the Buckeyes would prefer to continue winning Big-10 titles and having a shot at the national title game almost every year.

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