Non-Urgent Matter: Arnie Beyeler’s Mustache, Spectacles


There are a number of matters to which the reader is compelled to devote his time, presently: to the cultivation of meaningful relationships, to the study of weighty texts, to the consumption of wine and spirits. All to the good, that.

Given his paucity of leisure just at the moment, the reader likely has no need for the sort of literary baubles produced occasionally in these pages — of which the current post, featuring an image of Red Sox first-base coach Arnie Beyeler’s mustache and spectacles, is an example.

A brief survey of the author’s emotions, however, reveals that resentment is nowhere to be found. Furthest thing from it, actually. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to read trivial weblogs and a time not to do that. All that kind of thing. What the author has endeavored to provide here, rather, is a sort of diverting thought — in the event that the reader finds a minute or two — which might be contemplated briefly and pleasantly. Refreshed, the reader marches on again — till human voices wake him, and he drowns.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

5 Responses to “Non-Urgent Matter: Arnie Beyeler’s Mustache, Spectacles”

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  1. Mr. Smooth says:

    Pedroia’s facial hair style is called the “Reverse Arnie Beyeler.”

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  2. Walter White says:

    That is not me managing first base. You are mistaken. ……smoke bomb!

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  3. ABW says:

    High time NotGraphs did a full rundown on the facial hair of the Red Sox – how has it contributed to their success this year, what does it mean for their playoff chances, etc. Whether Shane Victorino’s beard can fill out more or not by the end of the year probably has a bigger effect on the playoffs than some of the stuff Jeff Sullivan writes about.

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  4. Divakar says:

    Why so good, Cistulli? Why?

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