NotGraphs Haiku: Yasiel Puig

I have lived two lives:
pre- and post-Yasiel Puig.
Post-Puig is better.

This has been a poorly written NotGraphs Haiku.

Because I can’t watch that GIF too many times. Thanks, @GDixon410.

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15 Responses to “NotGraphs Haiku: Yasiel Puig”

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  1. Brandon May says:

    My computer machine won’t display le gif on le screen from l’internet because of le MLBGIFs’ redirect?

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  2. Mike Green says:


    This would also qualify in the “Hot GIF Action” category.

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  3. eddiegaedel says:

    All hail Puig! I am an Indians fan living in LA but I can’t stop watching Dodger’s games. Hoping to go to my first playoff game this October!!

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  4. Menthol says:

    This Giants fan gives props. Cannon arm.

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  5. harpago17 says:

    Reason # 289 that MLB needs to add a “Skills” competition to All-Star weekend. Who wouldn’t love to see a throw-off between Yasiel Puig and Andrelton Simmons?

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  6. DoubleJ says:

    Yasiel Puig, rocket.
    Come back to Earth! calls mankind
    No, comes the reply.

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  7. buffalorun32 says:

    Yasiel is 3 syllables, FYI.


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