NotGraphs Haiku: Yu Darvish and Trevor Plouffe


Trevor Plouffe hit a
double against Yu Darvish
in his next at-bat.

This has been another NotGraphs Haiku. I’ll stop soon. Maybe. Probably.

Thanks to @lonestarball for the GIF, and to Darvish for the ridiculous hook.

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12 Responses to “NotGraphs Haiku: Yu Darvish and Trevor Plouffe”

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  1. Jimbo Cracklin says:

    Trevor plouffed.

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  2. MNzach says:

    That has to be over a foot of whiff.

    Man, I hate Plouffe…..

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  3. S a n c h e z says:

    Yeah and sadly he wears my man Shane Mack’s number.

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  4. Bashō Brothers says:

    Plouffe’s twisted body
    is all that remains after
    Darvish’s efes.

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  5. James K. says:

    Penis penis cock
    Penis penis penis cock
    Penis penis cock.

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  6. buddyglass says:

    Ploufe’s serviceable against lefties. Darvish isn’t a lefty.

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  7. DoubleJ says:

    Eephus only works
    when used on rare occasions,
    lest you try to pitch.

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  8. Hitler But Sadder says:

    I just did hand stuff while watching this .gif

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  9. tz says:

    I always wondered
    What it would look like if I
    Played in the majors

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