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NotGraphs Investigation: The 1927 Yankees: Where Are They Now?


The 1927 Yankees were one of the best teams in history. But none of their players have made an impact on the field in years. Was it just that special mix of intangibles that made the 1927 team able to succeed in a way that none of its individual members have been able to for the past 80+ years? Or was it something else? NotGraphs has deployed its crack investigative team to take a look at where the 1927 Yankees are now, and whether they might ever be able to reunite and once again take the baseball world by storm.

Catcher Pat Collins is deceased. First baseman Lou Gehrig, sadly, is also deceased. Second baseman Tony Lazzeri was originally thought to be working in real estate in Jupiter, Florida, but is in fact deceased. Third baseman Joe Dugan, according to his Facebook page, is deceased. Shortstop Mark Koenig is deceased. Outfielder Earle Combs is deceased. Outfielder Bob Meusel, according to several highly-placed government sources, is deceased. There is no information available about the whereabouts of outfielder Babe Ruth. The entire starting rotation — Waite Hoyt, Urban Shocker, Herb Pennock, Dutch Ruether, and George Pipgras — is deceased. Police are still looking into whether any foul play (or balls) might be involved. Relief pitcher Bob Shawkey is deceased.

Despite quite possibly in some cases being scattered across the globe, we still believe there is hope for the team to reunite and perform competitively against the 2013 Marlins or Astros.