NotGraphs OOTP Fantasy: Year 1

The 2013 season has concluded for our mystical NotGraphs OOTP Fantasy League. Here is a look at the entrants that made it into the first draft:


We started with 17 five-star prospects, and we are down to just 2 five-star prospects. Jerry “Juice” Loose is still projected to be a five-star reliever and my humble top overall pick, John Donne, has retained five-star status because, let’s be honest, he failed to sign with the Houston Astros and is still benefiting from Shiny New Tow Syndrome.

Here are the top five prospects in my estimation, as well as the player cards for all the remaining players:

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great1
1. Alexander “The Great” of Macedon
He’s an elite defensive catcher and even if he doesn’t develop a strong OBP, his defense and occasional pop will keep him in the majors, probably as a starter, late into his career. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the contact skills developed and he had a Yadier Molina-type career.

John Donne

John Donne1
2. John “Valediction” Donne
He’s capable at multiple positions, he makes great contact, and he writes a mean couplet. The Poet will be 22 next season, so he’ll need to sign and sign quickly. Then he’ll need to reach the majors rocket-fast if he wants to avoid a bust label.


3. Eiji “The Rifleman” Sawamura
His projections are far from favorable at this point, but I consider the Rifleman a darkhorse candidate for MLB starter at this point. He’s profiled as a middle reliever, but each of his pitches have elite potential and his stamina could make him a Scott Kazmir-type No. 4 starter — never an innings eater, but still a run preventer.

Jerry Loose

Jerry Loose1
4. Jerry “Juice” Loose
I think Loose is a slam dunk closer candidate. But a closer is a closer still, and even though he will likely rocket up through the Cubs system, Loose will only every be a reliever, which severely limits his value. He has enough pitches to make it through a lineup three times, but his endurance will always betray him.

Andrew Osborn

Andrew Osborn1
5. Andrew “Swede” Osborn
I’m not a big believer in plate discipline or eye skills in a prospect. I like Osborn’s defense, but he’ll need (a) to show more power and (b) stay healthy if he wants to raise up my rankings. Right now, he’s got a Darwin Barney ceiling with fewer singles and more walks.

And here’s the field:

Ender Wiggin

Ender Wiggin1

I fully anticipate Ender to knock the Swede from the top five. He’s a bit of a DH, but his hitting is legit.

Philly Walrus

Philly Walrus1

At least he defends well. :/

Robert Double R

Robert Double R1

The majesties of medical science.

Jurgis the Socialist

Jurgis the Socialist1

I’m guessing his playing time got redistributed to worse prospects.

Vinny Roberts

Vinny Roberts1


Kyle Payne

Kyle Payne1

He’s not a bad catcher, but so far injuries have been a real WAIT FOR IT ———— Payne.

Jaack No Name

Jaack No Name1

Well, his bar is set really low.

Fred Hamilton

Fred Hamilton1

Look at that high school slugging. It reminds me of my slugging in high school, if’n I had played baseball in high school.



Eerily accurate.

Dayn Perry

Dayn Perry1

Eerily accurate.

George Perrywinkle

George Perrywinkle1

If you like OBP in your prospects, then here’s this guy.



Do you believe — that this is the highest rated prospect not in my top five? I’m pretty sure she’ll fizzle out once she puts on a few years.

Up next: Year 2

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Mark Carter aka Alexander 'The Great' of Macedon

Truly ashamed to be so proud I’m a top 5 prospect.

Let’s see how a 5’7″, 155lb 17 year old holds up behind the plate.


So I’m a black guy on the Reds who went to college in St. Louis. I’ve had weirder dreams.

Myles Handley

Oh yes, the Juice is going to get loose in the very near future. I like those high-school lines that everyone put up.

Thanks for this, Mr. Woodrum!


I find it scary that instead of the obscure hometown I picked (which I should have known wouldn’t be on the list), you picked my actual hometown.


Any way to see our pre-draft profile? You know, the one when the draft list is released? Or at least our scouting history?

Jason M
Jason M

Jurgis is going to redistribute his talent all over the league next season