NotGraphs OOTP Fantasy: Year 2!

Year 2! Year 2! Year the second!


In the comments of Year 1, Ol’ Double R axed:

Any way to see our pre-draft profile? You know, the one when the draft list is released? Or at least our scouting history?

So, what the heck, right? We’re doing this for fun. So here’s this:

Double R

Uh oh.

For whatever reason (not including the possible reason of data entry error; this I double-checked), some of the prospects did not have quite the prospectiness of other prospects. I am open to suggestions that might improve this in later editions.

Go below the jump for a more detailed look.

The success, across all leagues, of our two pitchers:

Pitchers, all levels


And likewise, the success of our hitters:

Hitters, all levels


So far, we have only one major leaguer among the crop of prospects: My very own John Donne. And unsurprisingly, Donne again comes in near the top of my prospect list:

1. John Donne (4.5 stars)

Donne made his major league debut on August 30, 2014. After failing to sign in 2013, he jumped straight to Triple-A, where he had a .284 wOBA and 62 OPS+. Not a great showing, but Donne has crazy power potential and can be an elite defensive right fielder, where the Austin Sailfish (a new expansion team) currently have him playing.

1 Donne

1 Donne info

2. Alexander “the Great” of Macedon (3 stars)

He’s yet to hit for a lick, but Alex has absurd defensive capabilities. He will end up with at least a platoon role in the majors, with an outside chance to develop into an All-Star defensive catcher. I again see shades of Yadier Molina in Alex.

2 Alex

2 Alex info

3. Eiji “The Rifleman” Sawamura (0.5 stars)

The Rays have always developed great pitching, and I don’t think the Rifleman will be any exception. He has serious control issues, and that will prevent him from ever being an elite starter. But the quality of his pitches have already set him apart from his rookie league competition. Expect to see him touch Double-A in 2015.

3 Rifleman

3 Rifleman info

4. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin (1.5 stars)

Ender makes the biggest jump of all the prospects, joining the list after missing the top five just barely. He is old for Short-A, but he just hits, hits, hits. I can see him making his MLB debut in 2015, though I imagine he’ll struggle to find a starting role on a Giants team that now has Ryan Howard signed through 2015.

4 Ender

4 Ender info

5. Jerry “Juice” Loose (5 stars)

He’s got an uphill battle to become a starter with just two-and-a-half pitches, but he’s a lefty with absurd stuff. He’ll find a home in the majors, but I’m not confident he’ll ever escape the bullpen. His strong sinker might open up closing possibilities, but elite LOOGY is well within his grasp.

5 Loose

5 Loose info


I am sad to announce we have our first free agents. Yuniesky Betancourt and Jurgis “The Socialist” Rudkus both enter the 2015 season looking for a home.

0 Commie

0 Commie info

0 Yuni

0 Yuni info


Plans and Schemes

    Year 3 (2015), with a complete prospect summary.
    Year 5 (2017), with Top 5 + released players list.
    Year 10 (2023), with Top 5 + released players list.
    Year X (20XX), with Top 5 + complete prospect FINAL summary.

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Jerry Loose
2 years 9 months ago

Juice was born to close! Look at that BABIP. Juice is CONFIDENT that batters are hitting .500 or so Juice’s 3rd, 4th, 5th innings. Juice makes games 8 innings long if you just give him the ball in the 9th!

A eskpert
A eskpert
2 years 9 months ago

Is there any potential for Dave Cameron to analyze “all” of this baseball league? Is there any way for us to know what levels they are playing at?

2 years 9 months ago

First a sprained ankle for Jurgus Rudkus, I guess next comes a separated shoulder and probably a couple short jail sentences (I’m still reading the book, no spoilers please!).