Now Available at Wrigley: Black Slime!

Regular patrons of Wrigley Field will be glad to know that watery, intoxicating Old Style will continue to flow at the friendly confines. Also available to the discerning epicure? Black slime!

Fortunately, as you may have noticed in the Action News Video embedded abovely, we have a Television Journalist and Food Safety PhD on hand to break it down like a fraction …

Television Journalist: “They found black slime inside an ice machine. That sounds awful. Bad?”

Food Safety PhD: “Yes, it’s terrible.”

Terrible Black Slime!

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8 Responses to “Now Available at Wrigley: Black Slime!”

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  1. The Rajah says:

    Black Slime? Maybe the Cubs should sign it to a contract. It can’t be any worse in the outfield than what they are rolling out there each night.

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  2. pierre labbe says:

    dayn,go screw yourself!!! GBA should be sang at every baseball game in America.If you don’t like it,go live in Iran!!!.

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  3. hawk says:

    And take your gingerbread Dick Allens with you!

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  4. FreedomFries says:

    PIerre… go screw yourself. Obviously you don’t believe in freedom you vapid redneck. What does GBA have to do with baseball? Why not just make people sing it everywhere? Go take your right wing ideals and shove them up your ass. If you actually believe in freedom, you wouldn’t believe in forcing something upon people or ripping someone because they have different views than you. You fucking piece of insular shit.

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  5. bluejaysstatsgeek says:

    How civil!

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  6. FreedomFries says:


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  7. Resolution says:

    The sale of black slime is truly a free market issue, not a matter for the board of health.

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  8. Dauber says:

    Man, Tracey Ullman got old quick.

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