Nyjer Morgan Is Satisfied, Possibly Scheming

Depending on which fan base you ask, Mr. Nyjer Morgan of Milwaukee’s Brewers is either the People’s Champion or a cad, masher and stinker. Whatever your opinion of Mr. Morgan and his outputs, though, it is always heartening to see an Aqua Velva Man in quenched repose, flush with accomplishment and awash in the warming glow of triumph …

Brewers infantry helmet atop head, which contains multitudes, reasonably priced alcohol-water within reach, and a belt-and-title smile that suggests, at once, self-satisfaction and misrule in the planning stages — When not hard at work, Mr. Nyjer Morgan is a Leisured Gentleman, and with that you must cope.

(Please and thank you: Rhett Bollinger)

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    Also: some rather presidential carpeting.


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