Obligatory Bat-Flip Coverage: Cespedes Wins Derby

YC Flip Real

There are certain things a man must do in this life. Like fight a mountain lion with only his hands, for example. And look up the precise definition of fiduciary at some point, for other example.

A third thing a man must do in this life is both capture via a screencasting application and then render into animated GIF form footage of very Cuban émigré Yoenis Cespedes performing what is known in that island nation as a Bat Flip 140% Especial, Good Job.

Fortunately for the present author, Yoenis Cespedes executed that precise manuever on Monday night at the conclusion of this year’s home-run derby. This post is designed to serve as evidence of same.

Credit to concerned internet citizen Eli Nellis for bringing the author’s attention to this especial event.

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14 Responses to “Obligatory Bat-Flip Coverage: Cespedes Wins Derby”

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  1. Andy says:

    His raw, bat-flipping power is truly remarkable.

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  2. Climbing The Wall says:

    What the world truly needs is a bat-flipping derby. Included: Cespedes, Puig, Valbuena, as well as many others my mind cannot recall.

    No matter who wins, we would be the real winners for witnessing such an event.

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  3. ATrain says:


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  4. Simon says:

    Carson, I’m disappointed. You didn’t cover Puig’s bat flip on his game ending fly out Sunday. (He also performed some semblance of a bat flip on a popup earlier in the game.)

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  5. stockhfcrx says:

    He looks like he’s about to run the bases backwards. Kooky communists!

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    • RC says:

      This comment made me wonder how the HR derby would be if the participants were forced to circle the bases after each HR they hit? My initial thought is that it would be awesome….for the first 3 HR. Then it would be even more slow and tedious than it can already be at times.

      It also would ensure that Prince Fielder never participates in a HR derby ever again.

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  6. Hitler But Sadder says:

    I was watching this from home and I think this gif is an accurate representation of how it really happened… Thank you for posting this.

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  7. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    One could presume now, Carson, that you have fulfilled these three things and that your life is complete.

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  8. Well now I have a name in hand for when my first son or daughter is born.

    Bat Flip 140% Especial, Good Job Woodrum.

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  9. Divakar says:

    When I saw the Bat Flip 140% Especial, my first thought was: My, that really seems like something Cistulli would cover obligatorily.

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  10. MLB Rainmaker says:

    Banknotes Harper is actually cited in the definition of Fiduciary. Not sure why that surprised me.

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  11. Sean says:

    Dear Cistulli,
    In your great coverage of bat flipping, I believe you have missed a gem:


    Let’s see Puig pull that off!

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