Obligatory GIF: Phil Irwin’s Inaugural Swinging Strike

Pirates right-hander Phil Irwin‘s very first major-league inning wasn’t what anyone would call “ideal” — on account, that is, of the two walks and two hits and two runs conceded.

What that same inning also featured, though, was Phil Irwin’s very first swinging strike — not surprisingly by way of his curveball, which has been known to provoke religious experiences even in the steeliest non-believers.

Here’s that inaugural swinging strike, to Cincinnati’s Todd Frazier:

Irwin Frazier SwStrk

And the same thing in slow motion, as well:

Irwin Frazier SwStrk SLOW

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3 Responses to “Obligatory GIF: Phil Irwin’s Inaugural Swinging Strike”

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  1. melotticus says:

    Solid duece

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  2. DD says:

    great camera angle btw

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    • Carson says:

      To each his own I guess. I’ve always found the straight-over-the-top view kinda awkward… Almost as awkward as calling it the straight-over-the-top view

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