Observations from the Winter Meetings’ Front Lines

Being inside the Opryland is a lot like being outside in French Polynesia. Plus, balloons.

Here are five things the author has witnessed within his first two hours at baseball’s Winter Meetings:

1. Famous baseballing writer Peter Gammons perform a maneuver not exactly like, but pretty similar to, a crane kick while attempting to navigate a particularly crowded walkway.

2. Two men conduct an entire conversation using the phrase “activity report” almost exclusively — like, much in the same way that a Smurf would use the word Smurf to Smurf an entire conversation.

3. An early nomination for Best Dressed of the Meetings: MLB Trade Rumors senior writer and politest Canadian Ben Nicholson-Smith.

4. Indoor jungles. Plural.

5. Young Pat Sajak and Young Pat Sajak’s bedroom eyes:

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There is no such thing as Old Pat Sajak. Much like Dorian Gray, Pat Sajak sold his soul to the very picture above. However the portrait remains young as well because Pat Sajak is a clean-living pillar of goodness.

Pedantic A**hole
Pedantic A**hole

Can we see some pictures of Mr. Nicholson-Smith’s outfits? Please and thank you.


I would also like to ogle Ben Nicholson-Smith.