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Observations from the Winter Meetings’ Front Lines

Being inside the Opryland is a lot like being outside in French Polynesia. Plus, balloons.

Here are five things the author has witnessed within his first two hours at baseball’s Winter Meetings:

1. Famous baseballing writer Peter Gammons perform a maneuver not exactly like, but pretty similar to, a crane kick while attempting to navigate a particularly crowded walkway.

2. Two men conduct an entire conversation using the phrase “activity report” almost exclusively — like, much in the same way that a Smurf would use the word Smurf to Smurf an entire conversation.

3. An early nomination for Best Dressed of the Meetings: MLB Trade Rumors senior writer and politest Canadian Ben Nicholson-Smith.

4. Indoor jungles. Plural.

5. Young Pat Sajak and Young Pat Sajak’s bedroom eyes: