Of Mascots and Ballparks

So Kathy Lyford, my gifted and patient editor over at FOXSports.com (much like Yahoo!’s exclamation mark, the caps-locked FOX is a marketing flourish without which the business model could not survive) has undertaken the yeoman’s toil (yeowoman’s toil?) of putting together galleries of every mascot, ballpark and signature concession in MLB.

And now we shall crowdsource … What’s the best mascot? What’s your favorite ballpark? Delectable?

As for moi, you can probably guess from the photo above that I’m quite fond of the Oriole Bird. While Fredbird will always have my greater, more profound loyalties, Oriole Bird gets this nod. This is because I’ve always admired birds who walk upright, have no wings, and wear caps, stirrups and clown-cleats. He was also outstanding in season five of “The Wire.”

Ballyard? PNC without question. Concession? Wholesome, nutritious alcohol.

And what of you, handsome readers?

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18 Responses to “Of Mascots and Ballparks”

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  1. Allan says:

    Do the Blue Jays even have a signature concession item?

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  2. Johnny says:

    Mascot: Southpaw, simply for his Twitter account.

    Park: PNC for all reasons ever.

    Concessions: Goode Olde Miller Park Bratwurst, althought the Racing Sausage Kabab may change that.

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  3. Boucher says:

    Could It be the all you can eat days? Or the mr. Sub as it’s only in Canada

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  4. gu03alum says:

    Ballpark: Safeco Field
    Mascot: Phillie Phanatic
    Concessions: Boog Powell’s BBQ

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  5. Yirmiyahu says:

    What about your un-handsome readers?

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  6. Dayn Perry says:

    As a weirdo vegetarian, I should point out that U.S. Cellular has some surprisingly good meatless options.

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  7. glassSheets says:

    Ballpark: PNC
    Food Concession: Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich at Target Field or supreme nachos anywhere
    Mascot: Phillie Phinatic

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  8. Jeremy says:

    Primanti Bros sandwich at PNC, which is also the best park in the world.

    SD Chicken or the Marlin. Unless the Brewers’ racing meats count.

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  9. taite says:

    fenway park is SO much better than number 6
    although I don’t care for clam chowder

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  10. DD says:

    Phanatic is absolutely the best mascot, still makes me laugh like a kid and I’m 27. Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries at Citizen’s Bank are the best.

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  11. jordan says:

    The Japanese mascots are pretty choice, too. They do some interesting things with their crotches, as well:


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