Omar Vizquel Hates Flying American Airlines

I mean, he really hates everything about the experience.

Omar’s on vacation, goddamnit!

By the way, in some excellent and, most notably, quick, work, NotGraphs’ Highly Reputable and Totally Real Think Tank has confirmed that, yes, American Airlines is actually the worst airline in the world.

Next time, Omar Vizquel will make other arrangements.

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10 Responses to “Omar Vizquel Hates Flying American Airlines”

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  1. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    Second-worst: America West.

    I can honestly say that I prefer Ryanair to American.

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  2. Ello says:

    Hold on. Air Transat is the worst. The. Worst.

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  3. I Saw This on XM Sirius Radio says:


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  4. Dayn Perry says:

    Clearly Mr. Vizquel has never flown Delta.

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    • B N says:

      Indeed. Last time I flew with them, they wouldn’t give me a seat assignment until I was basically boarding the plane. Steps:

      1. Online checkin many hours earlier: No seat assigned
      2. Ticket Agent’s take: “Oh, sometimes it just does that. You’ll need to get one at the gate.”
      3. At the gate: No personnel present (30 minutes to takeoff, 10 min to boarding)
      4. Call the rep using the courtesy phone: “Oh, we don’t have any power to give you a seat. Only a person at the gate can.”
      5. Person at the gate finally shows up, starts pre-boarding…
      6. Finally get a seat assigned… on a 1/4 empty plane. WTF?

      The irony? Even with those issues, it was still the best Delta flight I’ve been on in 8 years because it wasn’t canceled, exceptionally late, or an “equipment change” (e.g. where the airline decides to bump all the continuing passengers by changing planes during a stopover on a flight that was supposed to continue on to your destination).

      By comparison, American occasionally stranding me overnight in moderately attractive cities (LA, Chicago, Miami, etc) starts to look like a good deal. Omar should count his blessings.

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  5. I have only flown — and will only ever fly — Air Canada.

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