On Brian McCann and Arn Anderson

Brian McCann is the hard-hitting catcher for the Atlanta Braves. Arn Anderson once teamed with Tully Blanchard to haunt the squared circle and our dreams. Both are Gentlemen of Verona. They are also quite possibly the same man …

In the upper left of the abovely embedded image, you see Arn Anderson dressed up like Brian McCann. Mr. Anderson has gone so far as to dress himself in baseball woolies and surround himself with central-casting teammates. He points menacingly at the opposition, which is what wrestlers are wont to do. Why is he going to such lengths and depths? Because he might as well be Brian McCann.

In the bottom right of the abovely embedded image, you see Brian McCann adopting the buffalo stance known as “Looking Like Arn Anderson.” Observe his hairy, sweaty skin the color of hamster bedding. Admire his championship belt, which signifies, by turns, the rewards of valor and or deeds of a dirty nature already done. Why is Brian McCann going to such lengths to look like Arn Anderson? Because he might as well be Arn Anderson.

This has been the zipper- and latex-clad, becocked work of the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team.

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6 Responses to “On Brian McCann and Arn Anderson”

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  1. Mr. Observant says:

    If this sweaty, be-muscled doppelgänger isn’t personally responsible for the upcoming, violently premature deaths of you and me, Dayn, than I’m the disemboweled colon of one Mr. Appelman, Esq.

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  2. The Rajah says:

    I’m curious to find out who the gun-toting fellow is who provides the background for our Two Gentlemen of Verona.

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  3. The Big Dawg says:

    Yes, I like the nipple peek.

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  4. Jeffrey Paternostro says:

    Looks more like Ole Anderson to me.


    Or ECW fake Anderson relative CW Anderson


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  5. deadhead says:

    In the next installment of, Arn Anderson being Brian McCann, the part of Fredi Gonzalez will be played by a tennis racket weilding Jim Coronette.

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  6. Undocorkscrew says:

    Off topic a bit, but surely I’m not the only person who’s noticed that Mark Teixeira looks almost identical to Prince William………..

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