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On the Prevalence of Upper-Lip Hirsutism in Randalls: Some Further Results

In my previous post, I made strong claims about the association between facial hair and the proud name Randall. These claims, intuitive though they may be, were unsupported by statistical analysis. Because we hold ourselves to higher standards here at Notgraphs, I could not leave this matter unresolved. Those of you who have already accepted my claims and moved on, feel free to skip this post.

26 major league players have been blessed with the first name Randall. Of those 26, I have obtained evidence for 13 of them wearing a mustache at some point during their careers. (Those excellent individuals are: Randall Carlito Simon, Randall Christopher Wolf, Randall David Johnson, Randall Duane Williams, Randall Glenn Johnson, Randall Jai Miller, Randall Jerome Messenger, Randall John Kramer, Randall Kent McGilberry, Randall Kirk Myers, Randall Parker Byers, Randall Stuart Johnson, and Randall Wayne Sterling.) Frankly, this number is lower than I would have expected, and I can only hope that the abstaining 13 went on to embrace their calling at some point following their retirement.

Using a random number generator, I then chose 26 players not named Randall from the history of baseball. Of these, a mere six — Willie Banks, Abner Dalrymple, Charlie Haeger, Sergio Mitre, Dave Oliver, and Gene Walter — can be said to have worn a mustache, based on available documentation. (To be fair, there are a few truly admirable mustaches on that list.) The resulting plot looks like this:

I need not belabor the significance of this result.

Also, I found this picture of King Bader.