On the Subject of the Author’s Idiocy

Earlier tonight, your foul-smelling scribe wrote a post inspired by a Don Wilson baseball card in which the subject appeared vaguely distressed. I riffed on this in the long-banal manner familiar to those endure me and then moved along. Then I read the first two comments to the post, which can best be described as containing “soft yet earnest outrage.”

“Don Wilson,” I said to myself. “Something awful must have happened to this man.”

So I went to Wikipedia and read, to my mounting chagrin, this passage:

On January 5, 1975, Wilson died at his Fondren Southwest Houston home he shared with his wife, daughter and son. Wilson was found in the passenger seat of his brown Ford Thunderbird inside the garage with the engine running. The garage was attached to the house, which caused his son, Alex, to die also and his daughter and wife to be hospitalized in a coma. The official cause of death states that Wilson’s death was accidental.

Egad. This is a grim bit of baseball history of which I was pathetically ignorant. As such, the harm was not intended.

The post was subsequently removed, not — as has been the case so often in the past — by the administrator, but rather by me. My apologies to all who have witnessed my buffoonery.

This latest incident brings us to tonight’s poll …

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14 Responses to “On the Subject of the Author’s Idiocy”

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  1. Dan Rozenson says:

    Your idiocy is surpassed even still by the guy who voted for Aaron Sele.

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  2. Kevin says:

    No worries, brother. I read your post with a some honest, muted giggles–I mean, look at the card, right. But I wondered exactly who was this Don Wilson character and, well, after some poking around I stopped giggling.

    But hey, thanks to you, Dayn, I now know he was the first to pitch a no-hitter in a dome and on artificial turf, to boot! So there’s that.

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  3. LTG says:

    Is it weird that a post like this one makes me like this site more?

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    • LL says:

      No. You like the full-on anti-gay vibe this community continually perpetuates.

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      • LTG says:

        Come again? While I’ve picked up on subtle and overt homophobia in the comments, I haven’t in the actual articles. (Not to mention that this post certainly expresses no anti-gay sentiment)

        Care to explain your accusation? It seems pretty serious to me. I imagine, given this post, that a legitimate complaint would be addressed. (This is, of course, what I admire about a post like this one: a public mea culpa for non-malicious, unintentional harm.)

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      • LTG says:

        2 Addenda:

        1) In case I am misunderstood, most commenters are reasonable, affable, funny, and not expressing anti-gay sentiment that I can detect.

        2) I did not read the original post because it was taken down before I could. If there was some particular bit of anti-gay sentiment in it that you are referring to, then I plead ignorance.

        Again, your charge is serious and I would love to hear it elaborated.

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  4. bill says:

    Myself and others who follow you on twitter. After all who is the greater fool the fool or the fool who follows the fool?

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  5. Mr. Observant says:

    At moments like this, Dayn, a pithy statement of truest wisdom comes to mind – “why-a must everything so good for-a us taste-a so bad?” – Chef Boyardee

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  6. Nav says:

    I read that Don Wilson post and thought to myself: “Vintage Dayn Perry.” I thought it was great. I, too, was “pathetically ignorant” of Wilson’s demise.

    I ain’t mad at you, Dayn.

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  7. siggian says:

    No, no idiocy. Insensitivity yes.

    Idiocy would be to repeat what a quick google or Wikipedia check would pick up on.

    Here in Ontario there’s been a big push for mental health awareness recently. It’s a serious problem that can have tragic consequences as Don’s passing shows. The push is to remove the stigma from mental health problems and people who suffer should not need to feel shame and be silent about it.

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    • siggian says:

      Oh, and I’d like to say that this post strikes me as having sensitivity. I don’t want to be piling on to the regret that I sense you are feeling.

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  8. AC of DC says:

    Your Author so stupid, he thinks that to eliminate fly balls a pitcher should wear his pants backward.
    Your Author so stupid, he flips his bat before he swings.
    Your Author so stupid, when he’s getting to second base with a girl, he goes in feet first.

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  9. Bip says:

    Can’t blame you for not suspecting that a tragedy would make insensitive what would have been, for just about any other player, a playful and humorous post (I’m assuming, since I didn’t see it).

    I’m just stuck on what happened to Wilson. I have a hard time thinking of anything worse than that.

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