NotGraphs PSA: Spring Broadcasts Begin Tomorrow


It’s not for the present author to say whether the reader should or shouldn’t click upon, and therefore embiggen, the image embedded above. What such a reader would find upon so doing, however, is a lightly annotated version of tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) MLB.TV schedule — which schedule reveals that, indeed, three spring-training games are available for consumption by the capital-P People.

Among the players expected to appear, for example: the very curious Trevor Bauer (for Cleveland) and very promising Joc Pederson (for the Los Angeles Nationals) and not actually that Italian Tony Cingrani (for Cincinnati).

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. dang says:

    Phillies fans also get to look forward to the “ageless” Jamie Moyer and Matt “Don’t step on me” Stairs begin their broadcasting careers tomorrow.

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  2. ljc says:

    Isn’t it the Los Angeles Nationals of Washington, D.C.?

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  3. RonnyRocket says:

    Of course Sportsnet is not broadcasting the Jays game (or any game this Spring afaik). What are they showing instead? On one channel, premier league darts. On another, tennis. And yet another channel a stupid radio show hosted by someone that went absolutely mental last week at figure skating and ice dancing being in the Olympics and that also still uses pitcher wins.

    Last year, they had their flagship radio show at spring training, every game was broadcast, and their were incessant ads about something called stadium love.

    This year…Sportsnet has fired Dirk Hayhurst but kept Greg Zaun, who spent yesterday saying Mark Buehrle, Santana, and Jiminez are all crap pitchers because their W-L record is around .500. Baseball coverage in Canada is doomed.

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  4. Stockhfcrx says:

    Ily cistulli

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  5. TK says:

    I can’t wait for the Hurricanes-Marlins game!!! I bet that Cam Ward makes at least 30 saves, and Stephen Morris runs for 2 TDs!

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