NotGraphs Sponsors a Baseball Reference Page

It goes without saying that one cannot put a price on laughter.

The price of NotGraphs’ first Baseball Reference sponsorship, however, is two dollars annually.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

10 Responses to “NotGraphs Sponsors a Baseball Reference Page”

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  1. Brian says:

    Sloppy Thurston was my favorite baseball player name ever. (

    Until now.

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    • reillocity says:

      So would his ballplaying namesake son be Sloppy Thurston Jr., Sloppy Thurston II, or Sloppy Seconds Thurston?

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  2. Transmission says:

    He died in Mesquite.

    That is too, too perfect.

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  3. brocean says:

    This isn’t Charlie Blackmon…

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  4. Kyle says:

    Ha! Worth every penny.

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  5. *standing and clapping*

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  6. Yirmiyahu says:

    Why stop at just one? What about all the Notgraphs icons? Dick Allen? Bruce Chen? Wally Moon?

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    • jake says:

      I didn’t have time to check, but I assume the price for sponsoring Bruce Chen’s page is upward of $10,000.

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  7. reillocity says:

    I’m just sad that the turkeys who gave Jimmy Gobble the first name of Billy (rather than William) didn’t go with Tommy.

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  8. MikeS says:

    How many writers did you have to fire to fit this in the budget?

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