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Other Awards That Combine Metals with Baseball Equipment


This morning the finalists for baseball’s various Gold Glove awards — intended, nominally, for the best defenders at all the different positions — were announced by Major League Baseball. In the not very distant future, the identities of this year’s Silver Slugger award-winners — presented annually, in the form of a silver bat, to the best offensive player at each position in each league — will also be made public.

While the media attention devoted to both the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger is considerable, almost as anonymous are baseball’s other awards that combine a primordial and solid transition metal with some notable piece of baseballing equipment. Ask yourself, for example, if you can name even just one recent winner of the following, totally real awards.

1. Cad­mium Athletic Supporter
2. Chrom­ium Metal Baseball Cleat
3. Iridium Long Sleeve Compression Shirt
4. Manga­nese Sliding Shorts
5. Molyb­denum No Glare Eyeblack Strips
6. Nickel Multiflection Sunglasses
7. Nio­bium Baseball Doughnut
8. Os­mium Traditional Knee-Breeches
9. Scan­dium Wrist Sleeve with Strap
10. Tung­sten Phiten Necklace

Probably you can’t, is the only reasonable answer. Awareness, is what’s needed. And other words that are synonyms for awareness, as well.