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Other MLB.com Apps for Me to Be Bad At

I recently downloaded MLB.com’s Home Run Derby™ game. I am very bad at it. After playing dozens of rounds, I’ve never hit more than four HR, never advanced to the second round. Like with any of the copious examples of failure in my life, my lack of skill with regards to this game does not surprise me; as with any failure, this one saddens me nevertheless.

But the design of a good game is such that a faint heart, a weak will, laziness, or general mediocrity will lead to failure. In the case of the Home Run Derby app, I am forced to a decision, which, given my charmed life, feels both significant and meaningless, depending on my mood: either I log many hours to master the game (in which case MLB’s brand becomes further and further ingrained in my subconscious), or I delete the app in order to forget about it and return to using my iPhone idle time for obsessively checking box scores and puff news via the MLB At Bat™ app (in which case MLB’s brand becomes further ingrained in my subconscious in a slightly different way).

If this situation is to be representative of previous decisions of my life, I would choose the latter: lacking the dedication to develop what would be fulfilling skills, I invest emotionally in outcomes over which I have no control.

Of course, the imminent release of the following apps/games from MLB.com is liable to complicate matters…