Other Pedro Martinez Day

Today, November 29, I hereby declare to be Other Pedro Martinez Day. As you surely know, Other Pedro Martinez, also known as Pedro A. Martinez and Pedro Martinez Aquino, born on this date in 1968, was a perfectly respectable left-handed reliever for the Padres in the early 1990s. Then he got dealt to the Astros in the notorious Ken Caminiti – Steve Finley – Derek Bell megaswap, and basically dropped off the face of the earth, while his homonymous compatriot became one of the most dominating baseball players of all time. I have no idea where Other Pedro Martinez is now, or what sorts of awkwardness his name has incurred (actually, I can come up with some ideas on the latter). But I feel it is important to honor his sacrifice, as well as those of the following gentlemen. Perhaps you will help me think of others?

Other Bob Gibson

Other Jose Bautista

Other Frank Thomas (does he count?)

Other Joe Morgan

Other Eddie Murray

Other Randy Johnson

Other Other Randy Johnson

Other Billy Williams

Other Chris Carpenter

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20 Responses to “Other Pedro Martinez Day”

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  1. Kyle says:

    Re: Randy Johnson, does the stache pick the name, or the name pick the stache?

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  2. dl80 says:

    Does one have to be a star? If not…

    Greg and Gregg Olson(s)? Other Ramon Martinez? Other Johan Santana (Ervin Santana, now)? Other Ryan Braun? The two Alex Gonzalez’…which one is the other Alex Gonzalez?

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    • Well-Beered Englishman says:

      There are two OF prospects named Michael Taylor right now, I think. I also keep thinking Brett Wallace is two different people, but that may be the drinks talking.

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  3. Jacob Smith says:

    Other Chris Carpenter has a creepy face. His cheekbones appear far more defined than should be allowed.

    Just felt like tossing that out there.

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  4. other other randy johnson is pretty clearly nic cage in disguise

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  5. laerm says:

    Please provide proof at least two of the Randy Johnsons are not the same Randy Johnson.

    And now to wash my fingers after typing that.

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  6. Jamie says:

    The only question for the other Randy Johnsons:
    Is their unit as big?

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  7. Smooth says:

    More Randy Johnsons! More!!!

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  8. Surine says:

    The next morning I woke to the sound of a muffled clicking, that of a small number of crickets damped by a linen sheet. It was early, not yet daylight. My bleary eyes sensed movement. As my vision adjusted to the brightness of pre-dawn I attempted to focus on the source–sources–of the noise, and I beheld beauty and horror. I was surrounded by Randy Johnsons, an assortment of Randy Johnsons, an impossible array of Randy Johnsons of insensible shapes and sizes, every lip behaired. Some wore mullets, but others did not. They Randy Johnsons gazed at me, unblinking, but shuffling, shambling, and always, always clicking.

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  9. Scott says:

    Reliever Mike Stanton lucked out that Giancarlo has a million names.

    Which one is the other Chris Young?

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  10. Scott says:

    Oh, and let us not forget THE Chris Carter (AAAA sometime BOS sept callup 1B/OF)

    About to be usurped by Chris “the other” Carter emerging as a LHP masher in OAK

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  11. Scott says:

    Oh, and let us not forget THE Chris Carter (AAAA sometime BOS sept callup 1B/OF) About to be usurped by Chris “the other” Carter emerging as a LHP masher in OAK

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  12. Ian R. says:

    Considering Other Frank Thomas was a pretty excellent player in his own right, I think it’s slightly cheating to put him on this list. Might as well add Other Ken Griffey.

    Other Ryan Braun is a good one, though.

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  13. samuelraphael says:

    There is but only one Enos Slaughter.

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  14. John Thacker says:

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned Other Billy Hamilton yet.

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  15. JDFlanagan says:

    Let us not forget the various Robertses – the Other Daves and Leon (not Bip) Roberts. One of the Daves played for Pittsburgh on the 1979 team. Does that make him the Dread Pirate Roberts?

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