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Other Things David Wright Offers Besides Statistics

David Wright offers both products and services.

To the saberist’s eye, Alden Gonzalez’s claim (at the Mets official site) that “David Wright offers the Mets more than mere statistics” might sound like the sort of anecdotal analysis to which baseball fans are routinely subject.

However, after some serious investigative reporting, our Investigative Reporting Investigation Team has learned today that the third baseman actually really does provide more than baseball production.

Here are some of the services we’ve verified that Wright offers:

• A thorough visual inspection.

• An expansive network.

• An integrated approach to meet your individual needs.

• Counseling and/or assistance in creating a plan.

• Customized, sophisticated analytics that help clients gain hindsight, insight, and foresight.

• Data (upon request).

• Day and half-day tours of David Wright.

• Free estimates. Flexible pricing options. Flexible payment options.

• Installation and set-up.

• Powerful solutions for organizations operating anywhere in the world.

• Prevention.

• Removal of the old fluid and replacement, by David Wright personally, with the new fluid.

• Several different methods and techniques, which allow David Wright to meet even the most demanding requirements of the market.

• Training.

• Ultimate privacy.