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Pat Venditte Has a ZiPS Forecast!

Above you see Yankee both-hander Pat Venditte. Yes, Mr. Venditte is a switch-pitcher, which is beautiful and angelic on a number of levels. As someone whose left arm is barely prehensile — it’s more of a lobster claw that on a good day could maybe pen an untraceable ransom note — I am ceaselessly amazed by anyone who can do anything with both hands. But Mr. Venditte can get professional hitters out with both arms, and that, in purely objective terms, is the greatest accomplishment in the annals of human history.

Anyhow, the ZiPS forecasting system, which will soon make its way to these pages, tabs Venditte in 2011 for a fairly useful major-league ERA of 4.34. He’s yet to fully test his mettle in the high minors, but it could be that he’ll double-hurl his way to a September call-up. The best part, of course, is this line from his player page:

Bats/Throws: S/S

I swoon! The possibilities, natch, are limitless. There’s also the chance for a replay of what you see below, which can best be described as what happens when Game Theory gets drunk and falls down a rabbit-hole and into an Escher painting

Again, I swoon!