Pedro Immortalized at the Smithsonian

Artiste de l’art: Susan Miller-Havens. Artiste de la vie: Pedro Martinez.

Kind of piling it on at this point in our private life-achievements competition, Pedro Martinez will have his portrait unveiled today in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. Here’s a sneak peek of the painting, which is called “El Orgullo y la Determinacion (Pride and Determination).” The artist, Susan Miller-Havens, has several other baseball-related paintings on her site.

Since Pedro first achieved greatness in bilingual Montreal, and since our topic today is “fine art,” I thought I would reproduce the following brief news story on this matter from the French-Canadian website

WASHINGTON – Le Smithsonian National Portait Gallery rendra hommage à l’ancien lanceur des Expos de Montréal, Pedro Martinez, vendredi. Le célèbre musée installera un portrait de l’artilleur de 39 ans à l’intérieur de ses murs. C’est la peintre Susan Miller-Havens qui a eu l’honneur de peindre le tableau.

WASHINGTON – The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery on Friday will render homage to vintage Montreal Expos pitcher Pedro Martinez. The celebritous museum installed the portrait of the 39 year-old “cannon” in the indoors part of the museum. It is the painter, Susan Miller-Havens, who had the honor of painting the painting.

Martinez a connu une brillante carrière de 18 saisons, dont quatre avec les Expos. Il a également évolué avec les Dodgers de Los Angeles, les Red Sox de Boston, les Mets de New York et les Phillies de Philadelphie. Le Dominicain a participé huit fois au match des étoiles en plus de remporter le trophée Cy Young à trois reprises (1997, 1999 et 2000). Il a également remporté la Série mondiale avec les Red Sox en 2004.

Martinez had a brilliant career of 18 seasons, but don’t equate that with the Expos. His regality evolved with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Boston Red Sox, the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Dominican participated in eight matches in which he toiled exceptionally, and so reporters gave him the Cy Young trophy three times (1997, 1999 and 2000). It was his regality that was most reported in the World Series with the Red Sox in 2004.

Il a maintenu une fiche de 219-100 avec une moyenne de 2,93 et 3154 retraits au bâton.

One reporter* once maintained that Pedro was like a 219 year-old fish – or a 100 year-old fish of medium height, say around 2.93 meters. The result? Pedro struck him 3,154 times with a baton.

*I believe this was Dan Shaughnessy.

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  1. Xenophanes says:

    Whenever someone says something batshit about a Boston team/player, it’s gotta be Dan Shaughnessy.

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  2. Dayn Perry says:

    Pedro’s nickname should totally be “El Orgullo y la Determinacion.”

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  3. ThomasTSKH says:

    I could totally see Pedro striking someone 3,154 times with a baton. Particularly Dan Shaughnessy.

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  4. Brad Johnson says:

    This might be my favorite notgraphs post yet. I love poorly translated text.

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    • Powder Blues says:

      The Smithsonian paid hommage to former Montreal Expos pitcher Pedro Martinez on Friday. The famous museum will erect a portrait of the 39 year old inside their hallowed walls. Painter S M-H had the honour of rendering the piece.

      Martinez enjoyed an 18 year career – 4 of which were spent with the Expos. He also spent time with the Dodgers, Red Sox, Mets and Phillies. The Dominican was an 8 time all star, and took home the Cy Young award three times (1997, 1999 and 2000). He also won a World Series with the Red Sox in 2004.

      He wrapped up his career with a 219-100 record, 2.93 ERA and 3,154 Ks.

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