People Are Retroactively Stealing My Ideas and Doing Them Better

I had a great idea for a post, where I would assemble a baseball team using only members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and fictionalize a team meeting in the club house.

A great idea, no doubt. And so original! Surely, no one had considered transplanting hip-hop artists into a baseball team. What brilliance!

However, just to make sure, I did what any good writer in constant fear of being called a plagiarizer does. I Googled it.

Lo and behold, someone had thought of this premise before. Also, they executed it far better than I could have.

I have been a voyeur of  Flip Flop Fly Ball for some time, though this post slipped through my fingers.

This infographic, outlining a fictitious game between the aforementioned Clan and Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band,  is beyond terrific. Clicking the above hyperlink will bring you to the original post, complete with play-by-play. Take note that the umpires are the members of Led Zeppelin.

I love this so much, you guys. Bless you, baseball nerds.

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8 Responses to “People Are Retroactively Stealing My Ideas and Doing Them Better”

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  1. Adam says:

    I can’t believe that Slipknot ended up at 9-9. Have you seen Clown hit the beer barrel with the baseball bat in the Duality video?

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  2. Choo says:

    Boy, what a game. And the call from Vin Scully at the crescendo of the Killer Bees 9th inning rally . . . genius:

    “Ol’ Dirty clan of terrorists, coming at your ass like a sorceress, shooting that piss.”

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  3. agam22 says:

    Considering how hard it is to play baseball drunk, I am pretty impressed by the Pogues managing 3 wins

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  4. After a high and tight pitch to Method Man following hits in his previous two at bats, Method Man stepped towards the mound making a sewing gesture towards the Springsteen’s rectum and repeatedly pointing at hot dog vendor to start feedin’ him and feedin’ him.

    A hanger was found sitting on the stove after the game for like, half an hour.

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  5. Internet20 says:

    Pretty smart move sticking ODB in right field. He doesn’t get around too well these days.

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  6. Nirvana says:

    Wait, I thought Led Zeppelin was one guy.

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  7. Uncle Remus says:

    Frank Zappa and the Mothers!
    FZ obviosly a player/manager/general manager

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