Pete LaCock Surrounded By …

In this, the latest episode of Men Surrounded By Things, we present nine-year major-league first baseman and outfielder Pete LaCock surrounded by (as you have surely imagined and feared) …


Le Coq Sportif athletic footwear! Look at Pete LaCock, happy to be surrounded by Le Coq Sportif athletic footwear.

This has been Pete LaCock surrounded By Le Coq Sportif athletic footwear. This has been Men Surrounded By Things.

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13 Responses to “Pete LaCock Surrounded By …”

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  1. Danny Knobgobbler says:

    Preferred retro hipster brand of Cistulli, no? At least when he’s not wearing his ‘Roos.

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  2. JtheExploder says:

    *Phew* I gambled clicking this at work. Surrounded by SHOES

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  3. JuanPierreDoesSteroids says:

    Man, am I glad its shoes. I am severely Alektorophobic.

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  4. Mr. Observant says:

    I cannot – CANNOT – wait to stuff my feet into Sporting Rooster running hightops! Thanks, Mr. LaCock!

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  5. jcxy says:

    what a cocktease

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  6. AlexandertheMeh says:

    Surprised Appelman still has this up.

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  7. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    Franchise exercised!

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  8. suckamaballs says:

    Excellent picture. I am your biggest fan, Mr. Perro. I will now print this out and replace the 1989 Lamborghini Diablo that currently adorns my trapper keeper. Thank you again.

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  9. Darien says:

    Curses; I was guessing roosters. You have outfoxed me, Perry!

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  10. Maverick Squad says:

    This was a ‘Removed by Administrator’ waiting to happen.

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  11. da4dherd says:

    Anyone remember that Pete LaCock is the son of original Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall? Marshall is a proud native of Huntington WV, as is former Dodger catcher Steve Yeager….

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  12. dp says:

    I had hoped that this was the One Post to End It All, though somehow I think that particular XML file involves dirty poetry and a gif of a photoshopped Boileryard Clark committing a felony.

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