Peter Gammons Has Counseled You Today


The reader is young and clueless and in need of guidance — not unlike a toddler with a checking account. Peter Gammons, for his part, is like a man that is also a chalice that is presently running over with capital-W Wisdom.

What Peter Gammons says to do, today, is “Triple it, maybe” — advice which the reader will ignore definitely at his or her own terrible, deadly peril.

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7 Responses to “Peter Gammons Has Counseled You Today”

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  1. cass says:

    I thought that if I red Peter Gammons’ other recent tweets, the context of this advice would become clear and the humor would be that this tweet is taken out of context. Nope. I still have no idea what it means.

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  2. Jack Z. says:

    Funny, I was just debating what to offer Raul Ibanez vs. last years salary.

    Thank you Mr. Gammons.

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  3. Marco says:

    Possible question that prompted this tweet:

    “Peter, you have summarily rejected what I felt was a more than generous cash offer in return for your divulging your personal grooming and hygiene secrets. Fair enough. At this point I would be willing to DOUBLE my initial offer. Would this be sufficient to pry from you this precious information?”

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  4. Antonio Bananas says:

    So if I’m drinking, it needs to not be. Double, but a triple?

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  5. Slacker George says:

    Peter’s is one answer on the Baseball Writer Magic Eightball. Neyer’s was “Mos def.”

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