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Petition to Broadcast Arizona Fall League Games

To Major League Baseball:

We the undersigned, having no specific (or even general) knowledge of the requirements so far as skilled personnel or technology or other manner of infrastructure are concerned, nevertheless request (and, in certain spirited moments, even demand) for Arizona Fall League games to be broadcast via streaming video on our computers and maybe other connected devices.

We the undersigned would almost certainly be willing to pay a reasonable fee in exchange for such a service. (Like, I don’t know, twenty dollars? Thirty? Is thirty reasonable? We the undersigned aren’t positive about what the market is saying about this.) Otherwise, if these Arizona Fall League games aren’t broadcast, then we the undersigned will be forced either to confront the dark solitude of our respective lives or, alternatively, to adopt other leisure activities that help us forget such darkness. But as the first option is so dark and the latter requires intimate knowledge of who Chandler Parsons is, then we’d like just to get this AFL broadcast thing going, if that’s alright.

The Undersigned