Photo Essay: Giants Parade

Hipster on a Light Pole #1

Woman Demonstrating What The Bucket Is For

Hipster on a Light Pole: #2

Not Angel Pagan, It Turns Out

Man In A Tiger Suit That Reads “Giants Suck” Talking Trash With A Giants Fan In An Adjacent Tree

Might Actually Be A Gangster, We Don’t Know

Man Who Was Supposed To Be Looking The Other Way But Changed Direction Suddenly To The Consternation of the Photographer

The Whatizit‘s New Occupation

Men Literally Buying Merchandise That Fell Off The Back Of A Truck

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Graphs: Baseball, Roto, Beer, brats (OK, no graphs for that...yet), repeat. Follow him on Twitter @enosarris.

8 Responses to “Photo Essay: Giants Parade”

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  1. sam says:

    No poop pics?

    I’m a little disappointed.

    Were you rocking Mets gear?

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  2. Kyle says:

    Re: Photograph #7. I wasn’t aware that CBS Sports Eye on Baseball The Home For All Baseball Fans was having Dayn Perry travel to San Francisco to cover the victory parade.

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  3. Sarge says:

    That man in a tiger suit is my hero.

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  4. Lies & Perfidy says:

    Despite what you may have heard, Rice-A-Roni is not the San Francisco Treat. The San Francisco Treat is awkward public nudity. You’re welcome.

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    • Mjwuelln says:

      At the risk of posting something too serious for NotGraphs comment material: you pretty much get over the awkwardness of the nudity after living in the city for a while. I saw a small parade of naked people the other day protesting a new anti-nudity law, complete with a small marching band contingent. Nobody in the square where I was eating lunch really even batted an eye, other than to be slightly amused. That includes the nearby cop.

      They’re just boobs and penises. They’re not gonna hurt anyone.

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      • Eno Sarris says:

        I feel what you’re saying, and I’m supportive of the pro-nudity political struggle in the Castro. I didn’t really think it was that remarkable, but I did think it would make for a good picture for this piece, so I took advantage. Sensationalism! But what I wrote was true: I intended to take a butt shot to reference the nudity without confronting people with the whole thing.

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  5. Martyn says:

    Not Angel Pagan. Okay. Jim Carey?

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