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Photo: John Bowker Holding an Eel

It’s not every day — or even once, really — that you see a professional base-and-ball player (in this case, former Giant and Pirate and Philly John Bowker) holding an eel. It’s all a bit mysterious, really.

Luckily, the above image — which gentleman’s gentleman’s gentleman Patrick Newman has found for us at Japanese site Sanspo — is accompanied by a caption.

While the caption is in Japanese, that’s no problem, really: everything is illuminated by Google Translate, as follows.

Matheson grab a giant eel (left) and Bouka = 10 Sun, Miyazaki city to get a giant eel Matheson (Kumiko Chubachi-shooting) (left) and Bouka = 10 Sun, Miyazaki City (Kumiko Chubachi-shooting)

Pretty self-explanatory, really. Bouka = 10 Sun, Kumiko Chubachi shooting: all the normal stuff you’ve come to expect of this world.