Photo: Mariano Rivera Did What?

For only the 68th time in his illustrious career, and only the ninth time since 2008, Mariano Rivera, 41, blew a save.

Alex Rodriguez, like the rest of the baseball world, can’t believe it. A-Rod’s nothing short of flummoxed.

Getty Image, yo, via daylife.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Frustrating game, frustrating loss. Mo is human though and it’s nice to remember that at least. Looking forward to Colon’s first start though!

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    • I’m still not convinced Rivera is human. Dude’s been dealing for years on one pitch. ONE PITCH! Mo’s amazing, and a treat to watch when he comes into town. And he’s definitely not human.

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    • tommydowork says:

      “Looking forward to Colon’s first start though!”

      There’s a sentence you probably won’t ever hear me say.

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  2. Matt Defalco says:

    I watched it, and it was GLORIOUS.

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  3. MK says:

    I was in the Score live blog saying that Mo could be had and low and behold, he was. I feel quite vindicated. :)

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  4. TheGrandslamwich says:

    I’m about as far as someone can get from being a Yankees fan, but I’ll still drop everything to watch Mo pitch. He is still that amazing.

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  5. dscott says:

    Love it love it love it. Been waiting for this guy to be a bust in our fantasy league for 4 years now, and every year the bastage proves me wrong. Maybe this is the year?? probably not, he’ll continue to dominate unfortunately.

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  6. Remus says:

    He ALWAYS drops a couple the first weeks and then proceeds to rape for the rest of the season, my guess is that he wants to win some games

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