Photo: Stealing Second Base. Literally.

Embiggen. Go on. Trust me.

The incredible moment in time — October 7, 1978, as the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate winning the pennant — was captured by Los Angeles Times photographer Larry Sharkey.

After hitting his run-scoring single in the bottom of the 10th, the Dodgers mob shortstop Bill Russell. During the celebration, several fans also rushed the field. One was caught by Sharkey trying to steal second base as a souvenir. The unidentified fan ended up the next morning all over Southern California on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. … Additional information on the fan — especially if he got away with second base — was not found in The Times’ archive.

I choose to live my life believing that the unidentified fan definitely got away with second base, making for one helluva souvenir, and story, over the past thirty-plus years.

H/T: It’s a long season.

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8 Responses to “Photo: Stealing Second Base. Literally.”

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  1. GTW says:

    Forget about second base, they’re going for the rosin bag!

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  2. Yirmiyahu says:

    Caught stealing.

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  3. Mac says:

    Everyone’s yapping about the base-stealer. But is anyone concerned that young rookie Bob Welch is fighting off a fan trying to steal his rosin bag?

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  4. This picture is begging for some Joe West.

    But, really, who would want a rosin bag? I’m with the dude up top. Second base, all the way, yo.

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    • Jared says:

      Though I agree with the need for Joe West, but a base would be hard to sneak out of the stadium where a rosin bag can fit in you pocket

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    yo. i am the anonymous base stealer!! i still have “the base” and proudly tell my story whenever i can……… has always been a big hit – for more than 33 years. there will never be more fun dodgers teams than those of the late 1970,s and 1980′s………….

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    • Jan Spector says:

      It was one of the greatest days of our ives. Just don’t forget who hid it and carried it out of the Stadium with out getting caught. I was also a friend of mine who took the photo in the times. The biggest star of all was the guy who went out and got it. We planned it and he had the Kutzpah to do it. I will never forget that day as long as I live.

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