Photos: Kevin Millar Filling Gas In His Bathrobe

His personalized, Millar-emblazoned, Baltimore Orioles bathrobe. Yeah. Also, please note the “COWBOY UP” bumper sticker on the back of Millar’s massive truck. It’s a lifestyle, yo.

And, if you’re still not convinced, yes, it really is him:

Two things have changed since I first saw these glorious photos:

1. I’m now following Kevin Millar on Twitter. He spouts wisdom, and he’s remarkably self-aware.

2. I now respect Kevin Millar, that much more.

H/T: The indispensable Old Time Family Baseball. Be sure to give Michael Clair a follow on the Twitter, too. Or else.

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8 Responses to “Photos: Kevin Millar Filling Gas In His Bathrobe”

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  1. Kyle says:

    Undeniably bad ass.

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  2. glassSheets says:

    1) He parked really far away from the pump, that hose barely reaches.
    2) Interesting pose for the picture. He took the hat off, so I’m assuming he’s posing. Yet the pointing of the nozzle and the facial expression make me think he was surprised by the photo being taken.
    3) The personalized bathrobe, and wearing it in public, is hilariously spectacular.

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    • I think he’s self-aware enough that the facial expression is intentional.

      I’m wondering if the entire thing isn’t staged, and if that’s even a real gas station . . .

      Either way, ¡VIVA MILLAR!

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    • juan pierres mustache says:

      “Alright, Kevin, now we need you to take the hat off–no, no, keep holding the pump–just act like it’s a cute puppy that you were forced to kill to defend your kids, and make a face like you’re not really sure how you feel about that. Great. That’s our title shot for next season of Intentional Talk! You can put your casual clothes back on.”

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  3. juan pierres mustache says:

    It would appear that Millar forgot his suit pants for the winter meetings. Oops! At least he’s managed to create a new hashtag to express his true feelings on the matter!/search/realtime/%23wearingjeansunderdesk

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  4. nubillybaroo says:

    He’s like one of those mafia g,dfathers feigning insanity before a trial – bathrobe and all.

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  5. JDanger says:

    If I was elected President, Kevin Millar would be my one free assassination.

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