Photo(s): The Magical Ronny Cedeno

As a sort of sequel to today’s earlier post (featuring, again, a very important image of Matt Murton), reader John submits the above — what he calls “Magical Cedeno.”

A semi-industrious google search reveals no clues as to the authorship of said image (so, anyone who knows, please don’t hesitate to make note of it in the comment section).

The same google search does reveal, however, the following two images, which are sure to push us slightly further towards something like world peace.

First, courtesy of Razzball, is a screengrab of Cedeno with the Pirates. Men aged 18-Infinity will undoubtedly take some pleasure in the upper-lip part of the middle infielder’s body.

Second, from the official website of Venezuelan baseball club Tigres de Aragua, there’s this photo of Cedeno in a shirt that I, personally, will describe as “festive.”

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Why oh why did the Mariners trade him away for Jack Wilson? Worst mistake ever.