Photos: Things Bert Blyleven Has Worn on His Head

Apropos of mostly nothing, here are three things that Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven has worn on his head before:

Cake Hat:

Rabbit Ears:

Adventurer’s Cap:

Images courtesy Underneath the Halo, TDPRI, and Stowe Provisions.

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5 Responses to “Photos: Things Bert Blyleven Has Worn on His Head”

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  1. Mr. Observant says:

    Good God – clearly Bert is the bastard of Eroll Flynn and a Dutch milking maid. Those shady Dutch women – never, EVER believe one when she swears she’s on the pill…

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  2. ettinone says:

    Dungeons & Dragons Geek meets Swiss Yodeler.

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  3. jrogers says:

    Now we need photos of Kim Jung-Il looking at said things on Blyleven’s head.

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  4. That Adventurer’s Cap, oh my . . .

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