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Pick The Dodgers Throwback Jerseys!

The Dodgers want you (yes, you!) to decide which throwback uniform they wear on six throwback jersey days over the 2011 season. These jerseys hearken back to the days in which the Dodgers resided in Brooklyn, first as the Superbas and then as the Brooklyn Dodgers. Here’s how I would rank the three choices.

#3: Brooklyn Superbas 1911 Road Uniforms

For the record, I like all three of these. This just happens to be the one I like the least. I have a feeling that the “Brooklyn” on the button panel will be difficult to see, particularly on TV. The pinstriped look is solid, and I love the stirrups. The hat lacks the flair that the Brooklyn Dodgers logo had. Unfortunately, the Brooklyn on the button panel just really doesn’t do it for me.

#2: Brooklyn Dodgers 1940s Road Uniform

The colored look would be an odd choice to wear at home, but I have to say I personally dig the powder blue, if even some are tired of it. I especially like the fact that the uniform is monochrome instead of going with white or grey pants. The Brooklyn script is classic and the uniform is simple, although I could do without the white outline on the shoulders.

#1: Brooklyn Dodgers 1931 Road Uniforms

Powder blue again, but this time as a secondary color to the primary white. I love the “B” on the chest, similar to one of my favorite alternate jerseys in the game. I’m usually not huge on white hats, either – I thought that many of the patriotic hats from this year looked disastrous – but with the powder blue brim as well as the navy trim and the classic Brooklyn “B” logo, it works here. The only real problem I see with these jerseys is the red trim on the socks, but that’s pretty minor and might even be covered up depending on how the players wear the uniforms.

Really, it’s a toss-up for me between the 1940s uniform and the 1931 uniform, but the uniqueness of the 1931 jersey convinced me to throw my vote that way.