Pictured: Imperator Dick Allen Signals a Home Run

Despite what I’d call a “thorough sacking” by barbarian forces, Dick Allen–pictured here as Imperator of Rome–gleefully signals a home run, presumably his own:

Dick Caesar

One only has so many ideas, is why Dick Allen is pictured here as Imperator Caesar. Related: I have had no new ideas since last week when I presented this post, which equates travel distance from Rome ca. 200 AD with the chance of each baseball team making the playoffs in 2014. It was received kindly; thank you, and will return this season so we can keep track of how far or close our beloved teams are or are not to that doomed paragon of the ancient world, Rome/The Playoffs(??). Until then, continue to be leisured and gentlemanly, even in the face of barbarian hordes, plague rats, backstabbing countrymen, et al.

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