Pizza Poorly Photoshopped onto Tropicana Field Roof


MINNEAPOLIS — In a turn of events that residents are calling sad and uninspired, a local writer of baseball “comedy” poorly Photoshopped an image of a pizza onto an image of Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field, in a failed attempt at producing humor.

“I don’t get it,” one neighbor said. “I mean, I guess if there is funny text to go along with it, then maybe. But this on its own isn’t funny.”

“It sounds to me like he’s flat out of ideas,” a woman claiming to be the writer’s wife said. “This happens every so often. He just finds it hard to be creative. I mean, he isn’t really creative anyway, but you know what I mean. Whatever, it’s not like anyone reads that site.”

Preliminary reports indicate that the writer had high hopes for the image, and perhaps planned on writing a faux news story about it. But once the story was started, the writer quickly realized the piece had no merit. Yet, without any other real ideas to contribute, he knew he was stuck with the image. Witnesses say he proceeded to delete the entirety of the accompanying text, replacing it with yet another faux news story about the actual act of Photoshopping the picture. At least one witness claims that that text is what readers are reading at this moment.

Police are also following up on eyewitness accounts claiming that the writer has no idea how to end the article in a funny or amusing way.

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Hitting a ball off the crust is a single

Cheese = Double

Vegetable = Triple

Meat = Home Run