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Player Has Nickname: “In Play, No Outs”

LaHair with his giant Winner’s Cup, courtesy NotGraphs.

The attentive reader will know that my colleague and champion of the vulgar Dayn Perry has made a practice in these pages — via his Nickname Seeks Player series — has made a practice of (in his words) “assign[ing] cool nicknames to players rather than perpetuate the tired, lamewad practice of assigning cool players nicknames.”

While Perry’s point regarding the assignment of nicknames is unassailable, it’s also the case that sometimes nicknames are not assigned at all, but are instead revealed — as if out of the ether.

Such was the case, this afternoon, when out of my friend Dan Woytek’s mind (itself not unlike the ether) and onto his computer email screen came a suitable nickname for major-league baseball’s current leader in BABIP and owner, now, of a career BABIP somewhere north of .385, Bryan LaHair.

This is the nickname in question: In Play, No Outs.

This is your reaction to it: surprise and/or amazement, probably.

This is what you might proceed to do now: tell at least one person.

This is what you’ll probably also do: the other things you had planned.

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