Pleasure Footage: Wlad Balentien’s 54th Homer This Season

Former Cincinnati and Seattle outfielder Wladimir Balentien is currently very much on pace to break the single-season home-run record of 55 set originally by Sadaharu Oh in 1964 and then tied by Tuffy Rhodes and Alex Cabrera in 2001 and 2002, respectively.

As of 10 days ago, Balentien had a month essentially to hit three home runs and tie the record. Presently, he’s hit two of those three — including one on Tuesday itself.

Here’s actual game footage of Balentien’s 54th homer:

Here’s the excerpt from that footage of Balentien committing acts — or, at least, one act — prejudicial to the health and safety of those in the immediate area:

Wlad 1

And here, finally, is another excerpt — in this case, of Balentien embracing a plush, oversized swallow:

Wlad 2

Credit to Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker for directing the author to this video.

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18 Responses to “Pleasure Footage: Wlad Balentien’s 54th Homer This Season”

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  1. Motley Yu says:

    Excuse my Japanese, but holy shiitake mushrooms! How did he hit that pitch?!

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  2. That swing is so amazing it’s easy to miss the grade-A pitcher reaction.

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  3. Paq says:

    I can’t believe that pitch was 94 mph. If it really was, I think Balentien just hit the highest 94+ mph pitch for a homerun ever.

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  4. Tim says:

    I enjoy the outfielder standing with his back to us, face pressed against the center field wall, just like every baseball video game from the eighties and early nineties.

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  5. Daniel says:

    151 Km pitch that the catcher set up high and above the strikezone and the pitcher missed by a good 6 inches up. That pitch was legitimately eye-level and he hits a home run on 94 mph.

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  6. Thijs says:

    Also, if I’m right..that’s Kenta Meada; one of the best(if not the best) pitchers in Japanese Baseball.

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  7. Ozzy says:

    I have heard in the past that Rhodes and Cabrera were pretty much intentionally walked the rest of the season after hitting no. 55. Because of the respect Oh has in the history of the league, no one wants to let another hitter break his record.
    Is that just hearsay or is there truth to that?

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  8. Kaid says:

    Oh was the manager of the team facing Rhodes and Cabrera (and also Randy Bass, who had 54 HRs in the 80s before getting intentionally walked on four straight plate appearances by Oh’s team). I don’t think that will be an issue this time around.

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    • Leighton says:

      After watching this, I have no doubt that Balentien would hit a dinger even if they did throw it in the middle of the other batter’s box.

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  9. Gyre says:

    I just watched ‘Mr Baseball’ last night. Not much has changed, the opposing crowd ignores the incoming ball, etc. The next 20 days will be interesting.

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