Poll Result: Is This the Perfect Golf Swing?

It’s a Russian dolls situation, innit?

A couple days ago, we here at NotGraphs utilized our powerful power to facilitate a crowdsourcing effort of great relevance to our “human” “condition” — namely, to determine whether, in fact, the image above represents the perfect golf swing.

A total of 104 votes were cast — many of them by living people — with a distribution very similar to this one:

No.	54	42.19%	
Yes.	25	19.53%	
Other:	25	19.53%

The general feeling is that, in fact, we are not seeing the perfect golf swing in the embedded image.

Of note are some of the answers provided in the Other column, as follow.

This is a man who’s been exposed to Gamma Radiation. Don’t make him angry.
Sound advice.

Yes, if you happen to dwell in the world of Tron.
Some cursory research validates this claim.

Inverted stapler. Tommy John candidate.

Polls are a cheap way to drive traffic to a webiste.
By his own admission, this answer was submitted by reader glassSheets.

glassSheets’ mom is a cheap way to drive traffic.
“Snap” is the word for which you are busily searching.

African or European?
A troubling question for these troubled times.

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5 Responses to “Poll Result: Is This the Perfect Golf Swing?”

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  1. glassSheets says:

    My mom died of cancer last month.

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    • If this is true, that’s terrible.

      As someone who has a begrudging fondness for “mother” jokes, I’ll submit that they have nothing to do with someone’s mother, at all, really. Insulting someone’s mother is really just an attempt to attack (humorously) the sweetest and most vulnerable part of a person.

      But, regarding your situation specially, condolences. Obviously.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • glassSheets says:

        Don’t feel bad, you and the originator had no way of knowing.

        It could also be noted her funeral was well attended, and there was no admission. So I guess she can drive traffic, and cheaply. Albeit, the traffic was of the live (well, at least for the rest of us) rather than virtual nature.

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        • Resolution says:

          If I recall correctly, it was I who submitted that remark. Condolences too dude. Sorry to hear that.

          Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Steve says:

      I also go around the internet and find articles that insult me personally.

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